Opinions vary widely on the best way to assess the value of business assets like patents and trademarks. When it comes to buying and selling intellectual property rights the most effective approach is market-oriented and fundamentals-based.

This means working diligently to identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of an asset, and being able to integrate feedback from the marketplace. For intangibles like patents and trademarks this can be a challenge.

At Pluritas we draw upon a decade of IP transaction experience. We provide the blended experience of top-notch business executives, patent attorneys and technologists. We analyze the risk profile of IP assets under consideration from every angle. We identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of rights as buyers, licensees, and potential partners view them.

Our approach typically includes an analysis of claims and the products they may read on. Then we look as the patents in the context of their industry and demand.

We also take pains to understand what individual IP rights mean to various sellers and buyers. Pluritas draws upon a network of global contacts to determine demand and efficiently identify pricing.

The partners at Pluritas have successfully managed and closed more than 100 patent and brand transactions on behalf of clients that include Fortune 50 companies, SMEs, distressed entities and independent inventors.

Our clients tell us that we are known for the depth and accuracy of our analysis, and the successful outcomes we deliver.