Distressed Situations

Distressed Transactions and Special Situations

IP has become a leading value driver in recent bankruptcy sales and restructurings. Professionals and fiduciaries can no longer afford to overlook these assets in a distressed transaction or re-organization.

Pluritas specializes in assisting healthy and distressed companies with evaluating and transacting their intellectual property assets. We serve clients that are engaged in financial restructurings and reorganizations, liquidations, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, complex structured finance, and matters requiring valuations. The firm also addresses Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, UCC Article 9 proceedings, and other complex structured finance situations.

Our breadth of IP transaction experience and market knowledge in both healthy and distressed situations helps clients’ to realize their goals. Whether an advisor or business is involved in the sale, restructuring or Chapter 11 reorganization where potentially substantial IP assets are present, bankruptcy debtors, trustees and committees need to determine the true market value of a debtor’s patent and brand assets. Pluritas has a strong record of both assessing the potential of the IP assets, as well as delivering best-available monetization outcomes for its clients’ IP assets. Example distressed transaction engagements include:

  • 3M Innovative Properties. Managing the disposition of SemiQuest, Inc.’s CMP patents pursuant to Section 9610 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of California
  • MiraLink Corp. Engaged to sell remote disaster recovery patents in a Chapter 11 363 sale
    AirNet Communications. Completed Chapter 11 363 sale of wireless network patent portfolio
  • Beacon Power Corp. Engaged to value energy storage patent portfolio to facilitate a Chapter 11 363 transaction
  • ISE Energy. Acted as IP advisor on transaction of patent portfolio in Energy Storage and Hybrid Systems in a Chapter 11 363 sale.

IP assets should not be overlooked in a distressed sale. They can and do drive significant value. To fully realize this value, it is essential to get a timely opinion from professionals with distressed IP transactions experience. Businesses and advisors can turn to Pluritas for an informal screening of their IP assets that may involved in distressed situations.

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