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IP & Market Analysis

Pluritas’ fundamentals-based, “bottom-up” evaluation approach enables clients to more accurately determine IP asset quality and market value. Our approach provides a highly effective context to properly frame assets, determine demand, establish pricing, and facilitate transactions.

While we give serious consideration to claims and damages analysis, and have a rich knowledge of related transactions to draw upon, Pluritas believes there is no substitute for market intelligence, great preparation and timing.

IP transaction timing is critical. For some buyers and sellers certain moments are more opportune than others. At Pluritas we focus on identifying the most persuasive value-drivers for an asset in any given market and context, and for each seller.

We strive to create competitive bidding in which multiple motivated buyers are engaged in the sale process. Pluritas is adept at framing and conveying a client’s IP value proposition to the right clients and in the most effective manner. The results we achieve for our clients separate us from our competition. Pluritas enjoys a sterling reputation for achieving the best results possible under all market conditions and a throughout a broad range of industries.

Timing, market intelligence, relationships, and the ability to communicate often complex value propositions – these are the dynamic drivers of successful IP transactions, and what sets Pluritas apart.

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