Paul Chu, Venture Partner, Cross Border IP Transactions

Paul Chu specializes in cross border IP monetization between US, Taiwan and China. He combines knowledge of business and engineering experiences over 30 years to be an expert in this field. In addition, Paul was deeply involved in the e-discovery business and technology in cross border patent litigations. He constantly lectures in the school of Technology and Law in Taiwan.

Paul has an engineering degree from UC Berkeley in Computer Science and studies MBA in the University of Santa Clara. Over the 30 years working in the Silicon Valley, he has acquired knowledge and practical experiences in semiconductor, digital media, networking and Internet. He has worked in Sun Microsystems, National Semiconductor, ESS technology. He joined two ASIC start-ups, Weitek and Platform, as a member of the founding team.

In 2004, he founded a design service company D3global, integrating the advanced engineering expertise in Silicon Valley with tier-1 manufacturing CMs and ODMs in Taiwan and China for prototyping and pre-production run. The first accomplishment is to develop the first prototype of Wifi capable cell phone for Docomo Japan. The second project is to develop a Storage Area Network Switcher for a local start-up.

In 2008, Paul starts working on patent prosecution for start-ups in Silicon Valley and engages in IP transactions, portfolio evaluation for high tech companies in Taiwan. He has had the experiences working in the IP for MEMS, Flash memory, Semiconductor, heat sinks, LED, OLED, LCD, Fiber Optics, Data Management, Smart TV, and medical diagnostics. He is active in the legal and patent community in Taiwan and Asia high tech alliances in Silicon Valley. One role of his is to connect and to find the best match in the global IP market for Taiwan and Silicon Valley companies. He also serves in the capacity to provide e-discovery advices and consulting for Taiwan companies in patent litigation lawsuits.